The 10 Worlds Exhibition

The Ten worlds is an exhibition of felted panels inspired by the Ten Worlds described in Buddhist teachings. This fundamental Buddhist Tenet is I have found, a down to earth way of trying to understand the world we live in and how we relate to everything and everyone around us. The first ten panels relate directly to those states, and are an attempt to describe those feelings, and the other pieces evolved from them. The exhibition could very well have been called Being Human, because in this work I've tried to describe all that being human entails: love, joy, greed, anger and wisdom; despair, passion, tranquillity and compassion.


Price: £1,200


HELL  Price: £150                  ANGER  Price: £150                  HUNGER  Price: £150              ANIMALITY  Price: £150


HUMANITY  Price: £150             RAPTURE  Price: £150          LEARNING  Price: £150         REALISATION  Price: £150


BODHISATTVA  Price: £150                          BUDDHAHOOD  Price: £150



BODHISATTVA Rising Dancing from the Earth  Price: £150


Embracing the Universe  Price: £170                     We are the centre of our Universe  Price: £170                     Migration  Price: £170


Conflict 1  Price: £170                                                        Conflict 2  Price: £170